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The brand BERNDES

  • Headquarters in Arnsberg - Products made in Germany!
  • BERNDES has produced many innovations, like the premium induction bottom ...
  • ... or our removable handle for an easy stewing in the oven or easy storage in the closet.
  • Since 1921, quality makes the difference and this BERNDES quality is not accidental, but based on decades of experience.
  • Intelligent details with exciting and timeless design make each pot and each pan a piece of innovative tradition.

A love of quality and good cooking!

The BERNDES brand draws on a rich tradition. We focus on high-end products valued by customers in countries all over the world. A significant part of the appeal of BERNDES is due to the world-famous "Made in Germany" mark of quality that comes from production overwhelmingly at our location in Arnsberg, Germany. For more than 90 years, we've been bringing together the best materials and timeless style to support a love of quality and good cooking. After all, love is the most important ingredient in any dish!

To remain successful in the future, we are focusing on the things that make our products stand out: attention to detail and unique quality. Both are product characteristics guaranteed to make our customers happy. This is the only way a brand can survive and grow on the market.

We're always motivated by the many positive responses from our customers around the world. In a nutshell: BERNDES stands for simply good cooking!

Three key characteristics define our brand. We live and breathe these values, and they are what our customers appreciate above all.


Quality has been making the difference since 1921. And this now-famous BERNDES quality doesn't happen by chance. It's the result of decades of experience and continuous research, always at the cutting edge of technology. That's why BERNDES is a benchmark for quality "MADE IN GERMANY".

Find out more about how we ensure our quality with laboratory testing.


BERNDES has a tradition of innovation . The continuous development of new and better coating and production technologies for outstanding cookware has made BERNDES famous. Intelligent details and fresh yet timeless design have always distinguished BERNDES products. They will continue to make each individual pan a piece of innovative tradition for your kitchen! Here are some little-known facts:

  • BERNDES launched the very first non-stick frying pan in the 1960's. It was the result of intensive experiments with non-stick coatings. Ever since, BERNDES has been a specialist in non-stick coatings.
  • In 1975, we started to market the first cast aluminium range with non-stick coating. It set new quality standards. The result: Even today, our continuously improved BERNDES BONANZA® frying pan is still one of our top sellers.
  • Back in 1982, BERNDES kicked off a new trend in the kitchen with our white cookware. After falling out of fashion for a while, white is now more in demand than ever. Also for cookware.
  • In 2005, BERNDES introduced a user-friendly and reliable removable handle system, used e.g. in our VARIO CLICK INDUCTION line. This makes these products fully ovenproof, while also saving space in your cupboards.
  • Our cast aluminium cookware was classified as energy-efficiency category A in 2009. That applies to products in the TITANIUM SPECIAL EDITION and BONANZA® ranges.
  • In 2009, we applied top induction technology in the bases of our cookware. The resulting bases give you the advantages of a rigid, smooth and very hard surface plus ideal thickness. That's pure innovation. The technology we use here is cold spraying. It involves blasting the cast aluminium base with stainless steel particles at ultrasonic speed. The particles are micro-welded onto the surface. Products featuring this base have the label:


As a small company, we always listen to your needs, even if you only own one of our products. We know that open and honest communication with our customers is crucial if we are to retain our excellent standards of service and customer satisfaction in the future. We produce quality that - with the right care - ensures cooking enjoyment for many years. And if at any time you should not be satisfied with a product or its quality, please let us know!

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