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SPECIALS: Unique products of a high quality and function!

Pans with that little extra something

Our BONANZA® and TITANUM SPECIAL EDITION series have that little extra something - and that's why they belong in our SPECIALS category.

Our classic: the BERNDES BONANZA® frying pan

The Berndes BONANZA ® is our classic frying pan. Its immediately recognisable feature is the down-to-earth wooden handle made of genuine local ash that gives your kitchen a rustic touch. More than 35 years ago, the BONANZA ® with its non-stick-coated cast aluminium material revolutionised the market. As a result, it received a number of awards at national and international level. Today it has lost none of its appeal. On the contrary: The proven quality and robust design make BONANZA ® frying pans a consistent favourite for daily use in the kitchen.

Made for big jobs: the TITANIUM SPECIAL EDITION

You get quality in XXL size with the TITANUM SPECIAL EDITION series. Ideal if you cook for a big family or enjoy entertaining! The generous diameter of up to 32 cm makes sure there's enough for everybody! Whether you want to fry, grill, sauté or cook in a wok - the TITANUM SPECIAL EDITION includes the right cookware for even the most demanding jobs in the kitchen. These products are big and beautiful with their smart combination of high-quality, sturdy cast aluminium and elegant stainless steel/plastic handles. That's why pans, frying pans or roasters from the TITANUM line look great in both modern and classic-style kitchens. The non-stick coating on our TITANIUM products as well as the BONANZA® range allows almost fat-free frying AND easy cleaning.

By the way: We underline the perfect quality of our SPECIALS with a four-year guarantee.

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