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b.double - Innovative and tradition


Innovative and tradition

The multi-talented Berndes b.double round

Our product designers spent a long time searching for the perfect cookware which unites elegant design with maximum functionality. Pans, pots and roasting dishes are products that are reinvented time and again at Berndes. With the b.double round, however, we are setting out on an entirely new path: the three-piece product boasts not only a wider range of application but also the utmost aesthetic appeal. The b.double round consists of a solid, robust cooking pot, a stewpot and a glass lid with silicone rim. What can it be used for? Read on to find out!

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Pan? Stewpot? Cooking pot? All in one!

Join Berndes in treading new paths through the world of cooking, and be part of a true evolution for the kitchen: the b.double round has arrived! Berndes’ multi-functional new cookware consists of no more than three parts, but it multiplies your cooking options. Frying, boiling, pot-roasting, cooking in the oven or on the stove: the b.double round is an all-rounder just waiting for you to use it. Get to know the b.double round now!

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Frying, boiling, pot-roasting – no problem!

Cook a delicious creamy broccoli soup today and surprise your family with a juicy roast tomorrow; delight your friends with tasty, delicately braised winter vegetables or create a new sauce! The b.double round is ideal for any occasion. Have you ever been able to do so many different things with just one product? The clever part is that you can give meat, fish and vegetables a first quick fry on the stove and then finish them off in the oven. No problem at all with the b.double round, which is totally oven-proof. Convinced already? Click here to buy the b.double round conveniently online!

To learn more about the design of the multi-functional cookware, just read on!

A piece of truly functional design

The b.double round offers you a double advantage: an innovative cooking experience and at the same time an example of exclusive product design. Both elements are made of high-grade die-cast aluminium and fit so perfectly because they were made in one cast. Designers at Berndes therefore developed a sophisticated handle system for the b.double round with the stewpot handles fitting almost seamlessly into the handles of the cooking pot. This unique design not only looks good, but also serves an additional purpose: the perfect fit between the individual parts results in even heat distribution when cooking at low temperatures (80°C / 176°F). This means the b.double round guarantees juicy and tender roasts and helps you save energy costs!

At higher temperatures, steam circulates freely inside, thus preventing foodstuffs from drying out and preserving their taste. Why not benefit from the numerous advantages of the b.double round right now? Click here to conveniently order this innovative Berndes product online and at an attractive price!




High-tech materials for perfect cooking results

Berndes has a reputation for developing trendsetting materials. As long ago as the early 1970s we revolutionized the world of pots and pans with our aluminium die-cast process, which heralded the international breakthrough of the Berndes brand.

In the case of the b.double round our engineers have gone a step further: both elements are made of high-grade die-cast aluminium of extremely high thickness. In addition, both the stewpot and the cooking pot feature a high-tech induction bottom made of ferromagnetic stainless steel – a guarantee for brilliant cooking results. The b.double round is coated using a reinforced three-layer non-stick coat. This allows both low-fat cooking and easier cleaning.



5 questions, 5 answers


5 questions, 5 answers

Can I also use the b.double round on a gas stove?
No problem at all! The b.double round is suited for all commercial stove types such as gas, electric, halogen, induction and glass ceramic.

How do I clean the b.double round?
The b.double round is best cleaned by hand. Thanks to our innovative coating this is child’s play!

Can I touch the handles of the b.double round during cooking?
As the handles get very hot during cooking, pot-roasting and boiling, we recommend the Berndes kitchen gloves, which prevent you from getting burned. You can also use any conventional pot cloth.

Can I also use the b.double round to prepare meals in the oven?
Of course. This multi-functional cookware was designed not just for classical roasts, but also for the preparation of oven-baked soufflés or dishes au gratin. The ultra-strong non-stick coating withstands even very high temperatures.

Do I need fat for frying?
The b.double round is perfectly suited to low-fat cooking. We recommend you rub the dish with a drop of oil before you start frying. Make sure the oil is suitable for frying! For a selection of suitable oils, please click;here.

Still have questions concerning the b.double round? Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail. We will be pleased to help you!

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5 reasons to choose the b.double round

  1. Solid and energy-saving - thanks to high-grade die-cast aluminium
  2. Start on the stove, finish in the oven – thanks to high-quality materials
  3. Low-fat cooking – thanks to a triple-layered non-stick coating
  4. More intense taste – thanks to sophisticated design
  5. A variety of cooking options – thanks to an innovative overall concept

8 years guarantee

By the way: We stand by the quality of the b.double round. You therefore receive a full eight-year guarantee when buying this new multifunctional cookware from Berndes!

Multiply your cooking options by relying on a unique product innovation from Berndes. To add this highlight from our product range to your kitchen, buy the b.double round at an attractive price here at the online Berndes shop. If you have further questions, feel free to call us or send an e-mail to: Berndes b.double round – Quality makes the difference!