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Ceramic Pans

Ceramic pans - innovation and enjoyment with BERNDES

Ceramic pans do everything a classic pan does, and much more besides! With a ceramic pan, you not only have all the advantages of a robust, effective conventional frying pan, you also enjoy extra-healthy cooking. And ceramic pans from BERNDES are also very easy-care. Find out why now.

Healthy cooking

When you fry food in a ceramic pan, it barely sticks to the pan. And even if it does, you can simply scrape it off because the ceramic material is tough enough to take even harsh treatment. Another benefit of our ceramic pans: you can fry meat or vegetables with less fat. On the one hand you reduce the amount of fat you eat and cut your cholesterol level. And on the other hand, low-fat frying means even more flavour stays in the meat, fish or vegetables.

Super-tough and easy-care

Did you know that BERNDES ceramic pans are especially long-lasting and robust? That's because we use a special ceramic formula that ensures your ceramic pan stands up to even intensive use with barely a trace of wear. The special material means long-lasting cooking enjoyment with your BERNDES pan. What's more, you can use our ceramic pans on all kinds of hobs:

  • Glass-ceramic
  • Induction
  • Halogen
  • Gas
  • Electric

By the way: Ceramic pans from BERNDES are not just robust and practical. They're also great to look at. White ceramic pans from BERNDES are super-stylish.

What can you use ceramic pans for?

BERNDES ceramic pans are ideal for quick-fried beef steaks or juicy pork chops. They're also perfect for vegetables. The special material properties mean ceramic pans can be heated to higher temperatures than conventional pans. The ceramic material we use for our products is excellent for searing, which seals the juices inside meat for succulent results.

Buy ceramic pans from BERNDES here in our online shop. It's easy and convenient, plus we deliver free within Germany. You can look forward to an extremely robust, modern and durable product for your kitchen!

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