Crêpe-Pans by Berndes

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Crêpe-Pans by Berndes

A taste of France - your crêpe pan from BERNDES

French cuisine is world-famous. And there's one speciality that's among the most popular export successes from the land of culinary delights: crêpes. With a crêpe pan from BERNDES, you can spoil yourselves and your guests with typical French crêpes. Whether savoury or deliciously sweet, the wafer-thin pastries melt in your mouth. Try it for yourself - buy your new crêpe pan online in the BERNDES shop!

Wafer-thin and full of flavour

A crêpe is more than just a simple pancake. And it's nothing like a substantial omelette. Crêpes are practically culinary philosophy and delicate works of art. Even though the ingredients for the basic recipe are always the same and every crêpe is made from eggs, flour, milk, butter, sugar and salt, almost every family and every region in France has its own secret recipe. The most essential feature is that crêpes have to be wafer-thin. A crêpe pan from BERNDES gives you the ideal basis. Whether crêpes suzette or crêpes salés, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to become a master of French cuisine!

Easy-care and high quality

Essential for a good crêpe pan is that the crêpe mix can spread out absolutely flat in it. Equally important, the coating must enable you to flip the crêpes like a true French chef. The BERNDES crêpe pan is not only optimally designed for making this French speciality, it is so hardwearing you can enjoy crêpes for years to come.

Your new crêpe pan is waiting for you in the BERNDES online shop!

Here's a final tip: You like versatility? Then test our ceramic crêpe pan. It's not only perfect for crêpes, you can also use it to make tortillas worthy of any bodega. Happy cooking from the BERNDES team!

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