Induction Roasters

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Induction Roasters

Your new roaster: Making the most of induction technology

You have an induction cooker? You love roast goose, pork, coq au vin and other challenging roast dishes? Then BERNDES has the right cookware for you: our induction roasters. You'll se that modern cookers can still be used for traditional recipes. In fact, using our induction roaster you enjoy full flavour at optimum energy saving. Could there be a better combination?

Buy BERNDES induction roasters online

The BERNDES range stands out for high product quality and a huge choice. You can find lots of BERNDES products in normal retail shops. But here in our BERNDES online shop, you choose from the entire range. That includes our roasters for induction cookers. Even more convenient: You shop at home at your leisure and we send all products free of transport charges to your address in Germany. That's how easy it can be to buy BERNDES induction roasters!

The difference

You already know quality makes all the difference with BERNDES induction roasters. But what does that mean exactly?

  • Top craftsmanship
  • Durability
  • Up to eight years' warranty
  • Perfectly adapted to induction technology for energy-saving cooking
  • Optimised heat distribution through innovative roaster design
  • Multifunctional roaster ideal for both induction hob and oven
  • Also for use with other types of cooker

If you want to upgrade your kitchen equipment with a high-quality BERNDES product for your induction cooker, we recommend our induction roaster. Your friends, family and guests will also be delighted!

BERNDES roasters: induction meets tradition!

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