CLEVER: Top quality from BERNDES at a value price!

Stylish kitchen all-rounders at a great price

Stylish kitchen all-rounders at a great price -

Moving in to the first place of your own? Looking for versatile kitcheware in a cool design? Or are you simply cost-conscious and still want top quality? BERNDES has the ideal products for you!

You'll love our CLEVER pan range with the two ALU-SPECIALS and CERABASE® TREND lines! Both series give you all you need for cooking without breaking your budget - and they look good into the bargain. That's what we call clever!

These smart kitchen all-rounders are made of high-quality aluminium that makes them easy to handle. They feature our proven BERNDES CD-bottom® bases. The name comes from the grooves that create a CD-like appearance and ensure perfect heat distribution. You'll see that cooking can be great fun!

ALU-SPECIALS – practical elegance in black

ALU-SPECIALS – practical elegance in black -

The ALU-SPECIALS series in timeless black scores full points for versatility. Want to make authentic French crêpes? No problem with the BERNDES crêpe pan! Cooking Asian-style is easy in the long-handled wok. And the smartest way to save money in the long run is to buy our four-part pan set. Essential for first-time cooks: all our ALU-SPECIALS products come with a quality non-stick coating so that nothing burns on, even when you only use a little fat! And they're even coated on the outside for fast, easy cleaning.


CERABASE® TREND: Simply trendy cookware!

CERABASE® TREND: Simply trendy cookware! -

With pans from our CERABASE® TREND line, you upgrade your kitchen with stunning design: above all the cream-gold ceramic coating makes a style statement! But it does much more. The CERABASE® TREND ceramic coating is scratch-resistant and copes with even high temperatures of up to 400° C/752 °F. Ceramic-coated products are ideal for fried potatoes or searing foods like steaks or turkey strips. Even the thought of it is delicious!

ALU-SPECIALS or CERABASE® TREND? Whatever range you go for, you make a clever choice!