Quality is the Secret of our Success

The roots of the company date back to the year 1921. Established by Heinrich Berndes, it has been producing high quality kitchen accessories ever since. And the company continues to work tirelessly on the further development of its products.

After numerous experiments with cookware coatings in the 1950s, BERNDES finally revolutionized the cookware market in 1976: the first non-stick cast aluminium cookware was born and thus a classic, the BONANZA® pan with its characteristic wooden handle.

From its beginnings in a small factory in Arnsberg, Germany, the brand has achieved worldwide success. Living a tradition for 97 years. As before, quality and innovation regularly set new standards. Induction-suitable cookware as well as continual improvement of non-stick coatings.
The product range is extensive and offers the right kitchen utensil for all demands and every requirement.

In 2012, BERNDES became part of the Alluflon Spa group, an internationally known Italian cookware producer which has grown into a successful global player since its foundation in 1970. Included under the umbrella of Alluflon are not only the tradition-rich BERNDES brand, but also MONETA, one of Italy's oldest cookware brands.

Take a look below for the key milestones in the BERNDES corporate history:


Heinrich Berndes establishes

1921 -


The frist products with a non-stick coating are manufactured.

1950 -


BONANZA - initially cast aluminum with a non-stick coating.

1976 -

1983 - 1988

Foundation of subsidiaries in Italy, USA and Hongkong.

1983 - 1988 -


Introduction of "ColorCast" - the fist coloured cast aluminium cookware.

1995 -


VARIO CLICK -the hardwearing and secure removable-handle system.

2005 -


Patented induction technology for cast aluminum.

2009 -


The first pure ceramic coating facility in Germany.

2010 -


BERNDES celebrates its 90th anniversary

2011 -


Introduction of the multifunctional cookware range b.double round, which received many awards in the the years to come.

2014 -


Introduction of specially for induction developed cookware vario Click Induction.

2015 -