The Berndes Philosophy

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Quality and good cooking!

BERNDES produces high-quality cookware in Germany and relies on high-quality positioning of the offered products. They are now highly valued in many parts of the world. For over 90 years BERNDES have been bringing together the best materials with a timelessly elegant design for more enjoyment of quality and good food, because fun is the most important ingredient in any dish!

Innovative tradition

BERNDES is innovative by tradition. The development of ever newer and better sealing techniques and manufacturing processes for high-quality cookware have made BERNDES famous. Intelligent detailed solutions and an exciting and timeless design have always characterized BERNDES products and will continue to turn each pot and every single pan into a piece of innovative tradition for your kitchen!

Quality does not arise - quality is made

Quality has made the difference since 1921 - and this now proverbial BERNDES quality is not created by chance, but due to decades of experience and continuous research work at the height of time. That is why BERNDES is the benchmark for quality "MADE IN GERMANY".