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Quality is no accident

BERNDES is known for high-quality cast aluminium cookware and durable non-stick coatings.

We've been dedicated to QUALITY since 1921, and quality is no coincidence. Quality has to develop and constantly be revised. To ensure the consistently high quality level that meets our own standards, we develop and test all BERNDES products mainly in Germany.

This means we can draw on decades of experience from continuous research. It enables us to meet the demands of customers for modern, contemporary cookware. A key contributing factor to BERNDES quality is our commitment to production in Germany. To us, "MADE IN GERMANY" is not just a label. It represents a conscious decision to insist on proven quality covering product, materials and workmanship. BERNDES products with this label (see image on the right) are manufactured at our German facility in Arnsberg.

How do we guarantee this quality?

During ongoing production, we take random samples of all pans and inspect, analyse and test them in our own lab. This includes cooking with and washing the cookware. And we don't stop at everyday types of use but also simulate extreme stresses on materials and construction. Tests are also carried out using our CAMUT machine - one of only two in the world. In a two-hour endurance test, this machine simulates household work processes such as cutting, scratching, scraping and stirring.

Take a look at this video for an explanation by Rolf Giese, our Head of Quality Assurance, of how the test process with the CAMUT machine works:

Quality standard

Many products and components for saucepans, frying pans and other BERNDES cookware are manufactured and supplied by our reliable partners around the world. All our production partners have to meet demanding quality standards. That's because this, as well as the large number of products manufactured in Germany, is the basis of our customers' trust in the BERNDES brand. Because we know exactly what quality means!

See the PDF here for details of the
CAMUT test procedure, PDF, ca. 1,5 MB

BERNDES is not only a guarantee of quality, it is often also an innovation driver in the industry.
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