Grandma's insider tip: make asparagus cream soup yourself

Grandma's insider tip:

Never throw away asparagus peels!

Until the end of June we are plastering a lot of fresh asparagus and so there are a lot of leftovers. But don't throw away the shells! Because you can make a delicious asparagus cream soup out of it. Grandma Bärbel will tell you how this works. 


How do you cook an asparagus cream soup?

Grandma's cooking:

Grandma Bärbel: „First I wash the spears thoroughly, then I peel the asparagus with a peeler knife from the top. Then I boil the peels with water, salt and some sugar and let them boil for about 15 - 20 minutes. I also boil two to three asparagus stalks in the broth of the skins.

Then I pour off the asparagus peels and make myself a roux in a pot with some butter and flour. Then I pour the broth, add some cream and taste it again with salt, some sugar and nutmeg. You can also add some lemon juice or white wine, but you don't have to. I cut the asparagus spears into small pieces and add them to the soup. I let it boil again together and then the soup is ready. You can add a little parsley on top and it's just totally delicious.

At noon we have the asparagus cream soup and the rest of the asparagus. I cut the asparagus into pieces and fry it in a pan with some rapeseed oil. A little salt and sugar is needed and then I turn it a few times. So that it doesn't burn, I add some more water. But it's not so bad when it burns, it tastes good too. And it will be ready in 10 minutes.“

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