Grill pans from Berndes

Grilling in the kitchen

Is a grill pan worth it?

It goes without saying that as a manufacturer of pans we answer this question with a clear "yes! But why does it make sense to buy a grill pan? Barbecuing is fun, no question. But when the planned barbecue evening literally falls into the water again, you need an alternative. With a grill pan you do not have to do without the tasty grill pleasure also with bad weather.


Advantages of a grill pan:

Grill enjoyment from the kitchen

  • Perfect result like from the grill: steaks, burgers, vegetables and fish get the characteristic grill strips with the typical grooved shape. 
  • Off to the oven: Many Berndes grill pans are oven-compatible and equipped with a removable handle.
  • Save calories: thanks to the groove shape, the escaping fat can flow off the barbecue food without any problems.
  • Suitable for all types of stoves: The grill pans are suitable for gas, electric, glass ceramic, halogen and induction stoves.
  • Grill enjoyment: smoky taste in contrast to a flat pan
  • Serving: a grill pan can also be used as a nice serving pan

Low-fat frying in the grill pan

Light kitchen

Grill pans are particularly suitable for low-fat and gentle preparation. All barbecue pans have an innovative, reinforced anti-stick coating, which enables almost fat-free preparation. In addition, thanks to the typical groove shape, the ingredients do not lie completely on the bottom of the pan. This allows the fat and liquid in the meat to run off easily. An additional highlight: many of our grill pans have a removable handle so that steaks, burgers, sausages, fish or vegetables can be gently cooked, baked or kept warm in the oven.  

Low-fat frying with a grill pan
Yes, I grill!

These dishes taste particularly good from the grill pan

Yes, I grill!

The preparation in the pan is a great alternative to the gas, electric or charcoal grill. Juicy meat and tender fish are particularly suitable for frying in a grill pan. Vegetarians also get their money's worth: vegetables, grilled cheese or marinated tofu are also ideal for preparation in a grill pan. 

  • Fry the meat in the grill pan: Whether juicy steak, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, fish, grill skewers or fried sausages - almost every type of meat is ideally suited for preparation in the grill pan. 
  • Fry vegetables in the grill pan: Für die Zubereitung in der Grillpfanne eignen sich z.B. Zucchini, Aubergine, rote Zwiebeln, grüner Spargel, Paprika, Maiskolben oder Champignons sehr gut.  

Round vs. square: Why are barbecue pans square?

You may have noticed that most barbecue pans are square. There is a good reason for this, because when grilling, you usually want to prepare as much food as possible side by side at the same time. In contrast to a round grill pan, the frying surface in a square grill pan is much larger. 

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