Tips for low-fat cooking

Low-fat cooking - the best tips to save calories

Summer is just around the corner and with it the much longed-for holiday season. In order to get rid of the last annoying winter kilos and to feel comfortable in your own body again, many people fall back on crash diets. It should be clear that they are anything but healthy. Because a long-term nourishing conversion is much more effective. A small change in cooking and eating habits can often work wonders. We will show you how you can save a lot of calories with a few tips


1.) Steam vegetables

Aromatically delicious

Wrongly prepared vegetables quickly lose valuable ingredients. Instead of preparing vegetables in butter or oil, you should steam the ingredients in a little liquid or steam yarn. This way, fewer aromas and vitamins are lost and you save calories. When steaming, the fresh vegetables should be cooked in their own juice. Water-rich vegetables such as courgettes or deep-frozen vegetables do not need any additional liquid. However, drier vegetables such as carrots need a little water or broth for steaming. broth for steaming. It is important that you always use a pan oder einen pot with a lid to stew your favourite vegetables so that the hot steam remains in the pot.

2.) Coated pans

That's pantastic!

The anticipation of a crunchy vegetable pan and fish for lunch is great, after all, you have just bought fresh ingredients from the weekly market and have made a firm commitment to eat healthy from now on. But then it happens: the fish sticks in the pan and falls apart. The vegetables also taste anything but crunchy. In most cases this is due to the wrong pan! An investment in a pan with non-stick coating is worthwhile. The non-stick coating ensures that nothing sticks to the bottom even with little or no fat. Now you can fry vegetables, fish or egg dishes such as fried eggs or omelett gently and with little fat. 


3.) Safe oil

Less is more!

True to the motto "That doesn't make the roast fat any more", we like to use too much oil when cooking. We tell ourselves that otherwise the food would not taste right or burn in the pan. But that's not true, because a good frying pan requires far less oil than we suspect.

Instead of pouring the oil generously into the pan directly from the bottle, you should rather use a brush or a spray bottle. This will save you a lot of calories. Did you know that a tablespoon of oil has 120 kcal? 

Our favorite tip: Instead of frying fried eggs with oil, try carbonated mineral water! Fried eggs and Co. are just as crispy, promised.


4.) Off into the oven

Gentle cooking

A lot of hot air for nothing? Not at all! If you want to see the pounds tumble, you should start your oven much more often. Because much of what is normally prepared in the frying pan or even in the deep fryer can also be cooked gently in the oven. Whether tender chicken fillet or crispy potato corners: with the preparation in the oven you save a lot of calories. Pans with a removable handle that are suitable for use in ovens are particularly practical. So you can fry the meat shortly before and then cook it gently in the oven.

And who said that you have to do without tasty dishes when losing weight? The low-fat preparation in the oven allows you to indulge in homemade fries from time to time without a guilty conscience. Simply cut the potatoes into slices, sprinkle them with a little olive oil and salt and cook them in the oven until crispy. Low-fat cooking can be so easy!