Der Klassiker: Bonanza® Pfanne - Da ist Heimat drin.

Der Klassiker: Bonanza® Pfanne

Da ist Heimat drin.

Süße Versuchung: Crêpepfannen von Berndes - Oh Crêpe!

Süße Versuchung: Crêpepfannen von Berndes

Oh Crêpe!

Für Kochneulinge: Alu Induction Smart  - STARTER Pfannen

Für Kochneulinge: Alu Induction Smart


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For new chefs

As a beginner cook, you first need a basic set of high-quality, yet affordable cooking utensils for your kitchen. Our pans of the STARTER series come just in time. After all, the frying pans, casseroles, woks and serving pans not only convince with top quality, but also with low prices. One pan for everything is enough for you at the beginning? Then we recommend the Alu Induction Smart (28 cm) casserole. The extremely robust, white ceramic seal is perfect for frying at high temperatures, is scratch-resistant, extremely heat-resistant and suitable for all types of stove.

Auch mit der Schmorpfanne Alu Induction (28 cm) lassen Sie garantiert nichts anbrennen. Dank der hochwertigen Antihaftversiegelung ist die fettarme Zubereitung Ihrer Speisen kein Problem. Außerdem ist die Pfanne mit schwarzer Außenversiegelung leicht zu reinigen und darf sogar mal in die Spülmaschine.

Do you eat vegetarian, vegan or a balanced diet? Then the frying pan (20 cm) from the Veggie Induction series is your perfect cooking companion. The ceramic interior coating is not only extremely scratch-resistant, but also extremely heat-resistant. The light-coloured inner coating makes the preparation of vegetarian curries or colourful vegetables that need to be fry-fried particularly fun. In addition, the cooking process can be perfectly observed.

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Crêpe pan with induction 28 cm

Oh Crêpe!

Crepe pan from Berndes

Frying pan 28 cm Bonanza® Induction

The classic

Bonanza frying pan 28 cm

For professionals on the stove

You love to cook and want to experiment in the kitchen again? If you like it sweet, the purchase of a professional crêpe pan is a worthwhile investment. With the induction-compatible pancake (28 cm) fluffy pancakes and sweet Crêpes can be made in no time at all.

Those who prefer a hearty meal and love the taste of delicious grill flavours will not be able to avoid buying a grill pan. With the large Vario Click Induction grill pan (30x30 cm you can literally melt the taste of summer on your tongue, even in the cold winter months. And those who prefer to conjure up hearty roulades in winter and love to spoil their friends and family with culinary delights by every trick in the book will be delighted by a  serving pan with glass lid (28 cm) from the Vario Click Induction series.


Your heart beats for real craftsmanship and you prefer the rustic style? Then our  Bonanza is a must in your kitchen cupboard. After all, the pan with the wooden handle has been inspiring cooks for over 40 years and has won many awards. Whether in the classic version oder speziell für induction stoves with this pan you are guaranteed to do nothing wrong.

Shopping the Berndes classic.

It flashes and flashes in your pan and you are looking for high-quality, modern pans? Then we recommend our pans from the Titanium Special Edition series. Whether as a stewing pan (32 cm) for the preparation of goulash or as a frying pan (28 cm) for omelettes - these pieces of jewellery have the potential to become your new favourite pans.

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