Warranty termin Berndes Küche GmbH


In addition to the statutory warranty of 24 months, BERNDES offers a voluntary extended manufacturer's warranty for many products. The indication of the guarantee is defined in the different series and covers 2 to 8 years. In detail:

  • PRO: 8 years

  • B.GREEN: 4 Jahre

  • ALLROUNDER: 4 years

  • STARTER: 2 years

  • CLASSICS: 4 - 8 years, depending on the product

  • SPECIALS: 2 - 4 years, depending on the product

  • Aktionen: 2 years or as specified

  • ACCESSORIES: 2 years

Your statutory warranty rights to us remain unaffected. If the purchased item is defective, you can therefore in any case to us, regardless of whether the warranty claim occurs and whether the guarantee is claimed or not. You benefit in any case from our extended warranty periods.

The warranty periods starts from the date of purchase and is only valid under the BERNDES instructions for use and care. The warranty is that within the warranty period parts are replaced with defects and replaced by new parts or the entire product is replaced. If the defective part or product no longer belongs to the current product range, it can be replaced by an at least equivalent part or product.


BERNDES does not guarantee any complaints about a product that has been caused by one of the following reasons: Non-fraud of the used and care instructions concerned. (, There is also a claim in cases where certain signs of use (eg scratch marks, cuts or blow marks) are present.

Warranty claim

All claims under a warranty service must be accompanied by proof of purchase. BERNDES reserves the right to check complaints in advance. For this reason, please contact our customer service in advance by e-mail, telephone or fax in the case of warranty. Please do not send products unfree to BERNDES without previous agreement!

Customer Service
Wiebelsheidestraße 55
59757 Arnsberg

Phone: 02932 - 475 222 (Mo-Fr 8.30 – 11 Uhr)
Fax: 02932 - 475 480

If you have not purchased the goods in Germany, please contact the locoal dealer in your country where you purchased the goods. The dealer will contact us directly, so the compaint can be processed. Alternatively, it is still possible to contact the BERNDES customer service, which will inform you about further steps.