MONETA. Finally also in Germany!

The oldest cookware brand in Italy is still little known here. In Italy, however, Moneta is a symbol of Italian cuisine and is part of everyday life in every 5th household. The history goes back to the year 1875. Innovation, sustainability and great materials make MONETA so unique. We now offer the latest products from five different series. Curious? It's definitely worth it: Great design, noble workmanship and an attractive price..


The gastro pan for every use consists of brushed aluminium, long handles made of cast steel with black silicone handle and a special inner seal with patented "Protection Base" protective layer for a longer life of the seal. Learn more now...

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A completely new sealant, FINEGRES, which is health-friendly and just as sustainably produced, has a glass-like surface. This makes the internal sealant super robust and has natural non-stick properties. It is completely free of PTFE, PFOA, nickel and bisphenol A. For a new level of safety and stability, each handle and handle is provided with two bolts. The induction net floor, which is suitable for all hearths, makes this series indispensable. Inform now...

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Modern cookware in ecological design. The special feature of this series is the newly developed FINEGRES sealant, without PTFE, PFOA, nickel or bisphenol A and consisting of natural raw materials. The very hard and robust surface of the interior sealing also offers a natural non-stick effect. The product is rounded off with an energy-efficient Induction A floor for all types of stoves. The handles made of brushed steel and red silicone for a pleasant handling fit perfectly in the hand and make these pans unmistakable. Order now and try it out...

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Like Zeus from Greek mythology, this series is the first of its kind. The powerful seal gives this series its name: A four-layer sealant structure with mineral particles and an additional polymer braid make this sealant so robust. This makes it more durable, easy to clean and also visually a highlight. Thanks to the patented induction mesh floor, all products in the series are suitable for all types of cookers, including induction. The ergonomic handles ensure great handling for daily cooking tasks. Learn more now...

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5 years warranty

Moneta produces quality products thanks to its long experience and the latest materials! Although the different series also differ in price, Moneta makes no difference in warranty. 5 years is a concession in terms of quality, workmanship and durability.

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