PROFESSIONAL: BERNDES best for the elite chefs and fans of design!

High-end cookware for the highest standards

Cooking is your hobby or profession and you love treating family and friends to delicious food? Or are you simply looking for cookware that meets the highest standards of function and design? In both cases we have the right solution: BERNDES PROFESSIONAL.

This range ticks all the boxes: Made from premium cast aluminium, the base used in all our PROFESSIONAL products is something else. It has a layer of stainless steel, applied at ultrasonic speed in a patented process. This layer makes sure the heat is distributed optimally. That gives you a huge advantage when cooking, especially on today's induction cookers!


Cookware 3-pieces set

€ 243.65*

Cookware 3-pieces set

€ 263.14*

When beauty is not just skin-deep: VARIO CLICK INDUCTION

The internal qualities of this high-end cookware are also stunning. The triple-layer, easy-clean non-stick coating means meat never burns on in a VARIO CLICK INDUCTION pan - even without oil or fat! The extra feature of pans from theVARIO CLICK INDUCTION WHITE range is the attractive and scratch-resistant white ceramic coating that withstands temperatures of up to 400° C/752 °F. However, we recommend using an extra splash of oil for this.

If, after searing, you want to finish off your steak in the oven: no problem! Simply remove the handle. Equally convenient: Even the smallest oven or kitchen cupboard is big enough for the largest frying pan. Naturally, the integrated moulded handles are also ovenproof.

Special products, special guarantee!

Whether black or pure white: Berndes PROFESSIONAL products stand out for their ideal combination of exceptional good looks and absolutely top quality. And because we can be totally confident of the latter, we even give you a guarantee of eight years on all PROFESSIONAL products. Take us at our word!