Chili Con Carne in cast iron pot (dutch oven), hot version



1 large tin of kidney beans
1 large tin of peeled tomatoes
1 kg of minced beef (beef or half / half)
1 large vegetable onion
5 - 8 spring onions
1/2 garlic bulb, or to taste
2 tablespoons tomato paste
200 ml beef broth or beef stock
1/2 tsp. Cumin
1 cup of coffee
Salt, oil for searing, if necessary, water for dilution

For the sharpness we use:
2 tablespoons Sambal Olek
1/2 fresh habanero orange or red
2 - 3 tablespoons of jalapenos preserved in oil

Round roaster with cast lid 28 cm

€ 190.04*

Round roaster with cast lid 28 cm

€ 190.04*

The recipe is THE alternative to grilling! You cook together with friends outside, make fire or use coal / coal briquettes and later enjoy the best chili con carne in the world. :)

Many thanks to the german blog "Matsch & Piste", which kindly allowed us to take the recipe, it's worth stopping by!


The minced meat is sautéed with oil, the onions are cut into fine pieces and steamed glassy together with the minced meat.
Then the other ingredients come gradually into the cast iron pot (or Dutch Oven). Cut or chop the habanero very finely. The jalapenos can be lumpy. The can of kidney beans with juice in the pot. The garlic comes pressed or chopped / chopped. The spring onions are cut into small rings. Chop peeled tomatoes (crush with a fork).

When all the ingredients are in the cast iron saucepan (Dutch oven), the lid comes on and the chilli stays on the coals or embers for 2 to 2.5 hours. The temperature should be between 150 and 180 ° C.
Tip: For a 28 cm cast iron pot, that's about 13 coals at the top of the lid and 9 at the bottom.

Who wants to bake his own bread to chili, that is just part of it, especially if you decide on the spicy version, cf. Mediterranean bread.

To cast iron pot:

Cast iron is a very sturdy material that ensures a very good heat distribution, the recess in the lid is ideal for the top heat. For this you put glowing coals on the lid. Thanks to the heat-resistant and durable enamel coating inside and outside, the pot can be cleaned very well later with a foam scouring pad (for example Glitzi).

Compared to a classic Dutch-Oven, our iron cast pot lacks the feets and a handle. With a little ingenuity, our cast iron pot can be used, however, wonderful in the outdoor kitchen.
Attention: Please use gloves, the lid and the pot will be damn hot!