Winter cod on pointed cabbage with Prosecco vanilla cream



800 g winter cod
(Norwegian Skrei)
2 big heads of pointed cabbage
200 ml Prosecco
200 g of sour cream
150 ml of cream
1 vanilla pod
1 lemon
70 g of butter lard
Salt and black pepper a. d. Mill
Grated nutmeg
50 g lunar amine

Estimated preparation time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Remove the cabbage from the outer leaves and clean. Cut the heads as a whole into 1 cm thick slices. Remove the stripping pieces. Wash the winter cod and cut into portion-sized pieces. Then salt and acidify with the juice of half a lemon.
Heat the butter in the roasting pan and sauté the cabbage in it, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and deglaze with Prosecco. Add the marrow of the vanilla pod, the sour cream and the cream and bring to a boil.
Evenly mix lunar amine with approx. 100 ml of water and set the cabbage to taste / need. Finally, lay the winter cod on the pointed cabbage. Cover with lid and simmer in the oven at 95-100 ° C for about 15 minutes.