Claims within the guarantee period

If, despite correct use of your BERNDES cookware, you have problems or quality complaints, we offer you important information here, especially about how to make a claim or to judge whether a claim is justified or not. The statutory guarantee period for products is 24 months. Beyond that, BERNDES offers a voluntary manufacturer's guarantee of up to 8 years (depending on the product label).

The guarantee period starts on the date of purchase and is only valid on presentation of your receipt and if you have complied with the instructions for use and care. For this reason, please make sure you keep your receipt. If, despite our regular quality checks, you have a complaint about your cookware within the guarantee period, please contact our Customer Service department, giving as many details as possible (e.g. article number, product name ...) and a description of the defect.


What is the guarantee procedure?

BERNDES reserves the right to check claims. Therefore you must send us the product so we can examine it in our lab. It is essential that you first contact our Customer Service department. This means we can ensure you do not have to pay shipping costs. Please make sure you send us the product well packed and without lids or other accessories. Please also give us your name, address, email address and a phone number we can use to contact you.

How is the article I send in examined?

The article you send in is examined in our lab. If there is no externally visible defect, we test the article according to your description. We divide claims into two categories: justified and unjustified. You only receive a replacement within the guarantee period if your claim is justified. If the article claimed for is a product that is no longer available, you will receive an equivalent or higher-value replacement. In such cases we will be happy to talk to you in advance about the replacement. That's why it's important when you contact us to give us your email address or phone number. A replacement article does not extend the guarantee period. The guarantee period starting on the date of purchase remains valid.

My claim was returned as unjustified

If we find on examination that your claim is unjustified, we return the defective article to you including a brief explanation of the reason. In many cases, the coating is damaged due to overheating the pan or using sharp objects. This is not a reason for complaint and we will therefore not replace such articles. The same applies if there is evidence of incorrect usage. In this context, please note our care instructions!

Phone number for claims

In case of a complaint you can contact us:

Phone: +049 (0) 2932 - 475 222 (Only Monday + Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)