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Roasters - the classic cookware highlight from BERNDES

Roasters have been a standard part of kitchen equipment for many decades. When they hear the word "roaster", most customers only think of the Christmas turkey or goose. Yet stainless steel or cast aluminium roasters can do so much more. They are genuine multitalents on the hob and in the oven. BERNDES draws on its many years of know-how in the development and manufacturing of its roasters. That ensures you get a state-of-the-art product for your kitchen that helps give you lasting cooking enjoyment!

Multitalents in the kitchen

Usually, pots are only used on the hob, while casserole dishes almost exclusively go into the oven. But BERNDES roasters are ideal both for braising and stewing on the hob as well as for finishing off in the oven. What's more, you can use them with all normal types of cooker. That includes gas, induction, halogen or ceramic as well as electric cookers. You can even use the lid of some BERNDES models as a braising pan or casserole dish. A special feature of all our roasters is: they are all fully ovenproof.

What goes into your roaster?

You can use a roaster from BERNDES for all kinds of roasts, for instance:

  • Classic pork roast with crackling
  • Mouthwatering roast beef or crispy duck
  • Fantastic braised dishes with crunchy vegetables
  • Tender spare ribs in spicy sauce

The roaster is your basis for lots of great recipes! Whether you want to cook slow dishes like coq au vin, or quick casseroles - your roaster gives you all the scope your imagination needs. Simply try it for yourself and buy your new roaster online in the BERNDES shop!

The materials

At BERNDES we use only the best materials for our roasters. That starts with the base made e.g. of highly conductive aluminium that efficiently spreads the heat around the pan. You can choose between high-quality cast aluminium and robust as well as stylish stainless steel. An especially tough non-stick coating makes many of our roasters even more practical and hardwearing. Another feature that ensures long life are the moulded, unbreakable handles fixed to each roaster.

Make sure the Christmas turkey is not the only culinary highlight of the year: buy your new, multifunctional roaster from BERNDES here online and find out how quality makes all the difference!