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Sauté Casserolles

Let them stew! With your sauté casserolles from BERNDES

While we wouldn't want anybody to get in a stew, we're confident you'll love cooking with a BERNDES sauté casserolles! Slow simmering, stewing and slow cooking are very traditional ways of cooking that produce delicious results. In our online shop, you'll find a wide range of sauté casserolles that are perfect for your Sunday roast or mushroom ragout.

Stewing pan vs. saucepan

The difference between a sauté casserolle or stewing pan and a regular deep pan is that the sauté casserolle is much flatter. This means you can briefly sear meat or vegetables at very high temperatures, then turn down the heat and let them cook through slowly in their own juices or in a liquid such as stock or wine. That makes the sauté casserolle an all-rounder in terms of heat, ideal for both hot frying and slow simmering. What's more, you can pop most of our sauté casserolles into the oven after searing so the food continues to cook slowly. Unlike conventional deep pans, sauté casserolles are not suitable for boiling water for pasta or vegetables.

Sauté casserolles from BERNDES

BERNDES has been making high-quality cookware since 1921. Stand-out features of our products have always been durability and the best materials. You also benefit from this extensive experience when you buy a BERNDES sauté casserolle. Crucial for slow cooking is optimal heat distribution inside the pot. At the same time, the glass lid keeps delicious aromas locked in so they steep into your dishes as they cook. A sauté casserolle from BERNDES is ideal for perfect coq-au-vin, boeuf bourgignon, pot roast, goulash or mushroom ragout.

Find out for yourself how BERNDES quality makes the difference, and buy your sauté casserolle online in the BERNDES shop!