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Woks from BERNDES – enjoy the cuisine of Asia

Woks are an optimal addition to your traditional cookware. With the products from our wok shop you can vastly expand your repertoire in the kitchen. At the same time, vegetables and meat cooked in a wok retain more nutrients. At BERNDES we have combined our many years of experience in manufacturing pans and deep pans with the advantages of Asian wok cooking. You'll love the result!

Asian cuisine meets German quality

Asian cuisine is famous for ensuring the ingredients remain fresh and do not overcook. Woks are ideal for vitamin-preserving cooking. The bowl-type shape allows you to swish the food around the pan quickly during frying so that everything only touches the hot wok surface briefly. This is how for instance vegetables are heated yet remain fresh and crunchy. Meat cooked in a wok gets a crispy crust but stays juicy and succulent inside. The food retains more flavour, vitamins and nutrients.

BERNDES woks combine typical Asian cooking with the very latest frying pan technology . Whether you prefer non-stick or ceramic coating, you can enjoy Asian cuisine to the full with any wok from our online shop! You can choose between classic two-handled woks and woks with handle. Of course, our woks are available for modern induction, halogen or glass-ceramic hobs.

Cooking with a BERNDES wok

In our wok shop you'll discover a whole range of woks to fire your imagination. Surprise your friends with a Thai rice dish, or cook crispy duck with fresh bamboo shoots for your family! We hope a BERNDES wok will inspire you to try out a new cooking experience.

Here in the BERNDES shop you can buy your wok online!